What health problems should middle-aged people pay attention to?

If the stool stays in the body for a long time, it will not be able to eliminate the toxins in the body in time, or even absorb the harmful substances in the body for a second time, so that the toxins can circulate in the body constantly. In addition, it will also increase the number of bad bacteria in the intestinal tract, affect the number of good bacteria such as bifidobacteria, disorder the intestinal flora environment, and make people appear chloasma, halitosis and abdominal distention. Over time, it will increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

Every night when I lie in bed, I can’t sleep over and over. I always have nightmares, and I am in a light sleep state. This will reduce my resistance and immunity, and affect my work and life the next day. At this time, viruses and bacteria take advantage of the emptiness, and finally all kinds of diseases come one after another.

With the growth of age, lung function will gradually decline. Generally, the lung capacity will decrease from about 20 years old. If you don’t exercise at ordinary times, you will be panting a little. Try to give up the bad habit of smoking and keep away from air pollution and kitchen oil smoke, so as not to speed up the aging of lungs.

Reduce Weight Scientifically and practically

Although nuts are high in calories and fat, they contain unsaturated fatty acids and protein. To a certain extent, the intake of unsaturated fatty acids and protein will improve the thermal effect of eating, so that eating itself will consume a lot of energy. In addition, nuts are rich in dietary fiber, not easy to be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, strong sense of satiety, which can inhibit our intake of rice and pasta. At the same time, dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, speed up the passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract, improve constipation, and reduce heat absorption.

The dietary fiber content of most nuts is high, especially the nuts such as Padan wood, almond, hazelnut, etc., which have a strong sense of satiety and can avoid excessive hunger. Eat some nuts at the right time for dinner, which can not only control the amount of food, but also make the feeling of fullness last longer; eat a few nuts when you are hungry before dinner, so that you won’t eat too many meals because of hunger, which is conducive to weight control.

Nuts are rich in mineral elements, which can improve skin luster and reduce the chance of cramping during exercise. The calcium element in nuts is good for human body to generate heat; the iron element can help human body to transport oxygen, which is good for blood circulation; the potassium element can promote the health of nerves and muscles, maintain body fluid balance, relax muscles; the phosphorus element helps to maintain the balance of acid and alkali, assist metabolism and energy generation.

How to scientifically lose weight

It is not difficult to lose weight. It is difficult to stick to it. Many people understand that in the process of losing weight, the usual habits cause them to gain weight. Only pay attention to the details and stick to some correct skills to help you lose weight successfully. For example, the correct mentality, diet control and the willpower to adhere to exercise, these small details are the factors that determine your success or failure.

Many dieters have the mentality of losing weight quickly. Many bad businesses have seized this point and started to sell a lot of weight loss products. Although many people have spent a lot of money to buy weight loss products, but the weight loss effect is not satisfactory. Even if the advertising is much better, there are basically no cases of successful weight loss in the reality, but it is a case of rebounding and regaining fat.

Don’t trust all kinds of weight loss products. If the diet pills are useful, then the stars are all good, do they still need to go to the gym to exercise? Weight loss depends on scientific weight loss methods and firm determination to make you succeed.

Three misunderstandings of eating fruit to lose weight

If you want to lose weight through fruit, you need to choose the fruit with lower sugar content. Higher sugar content is not conducive to weight loss, so bananas and pineapples are not suitable for weight loss friends to eat more. We should choose fruits with low sugar content, such as apples, plums and kiwifruit.

Using fruit to lose weight requires mastering the time to eat fruit, preferably half an hour before dinner, which can occupy a certain stomach capacity, reduce the amount of dinner, so as to achieve the purpose of losing weight. At the same time, at dinner, you can also choose some fruits, with low-fat yogurt, as dinner.

It should be noted that eating fruits after meals should be avoided as much as possible, which may increase blood sugar and cause fat accumulation, which is harmful to weight loss. In addition, there are some fruits that are helpful for digestion that can be eaten properly after a meal, which can help digestion and reduce calories. For those who want to lose weight, if they want to lose weight, they usually choose fruits instead of finished or semi-finished products such as juice, because most of the juice on the market will add some sugar to maintain the taste, which is right or wrong for the effect of weight loss Often disadvantageous.