Telekom calls Nokia the worst 5G provider

Deutsche Telekom is demanding better services and products from Nokia. Internal documents available to the Reuters news agency say that only if the company improves will it be considered as a supplier for the European 5G networks.

Accordingly, Telekom has classified Nokia as the worst provider of 5G infrastructure. However, because otherwise you will run out of alternatives, Nokia does not exclude them, but calls for improvements.

With one exception, Telekom has already dropped Nokia as a partner for 5G expansion in Europe, according to Reuters, according to internal documents. Accordingly, Telekom already asked Nokia to make more efforts in July. Nokia would have made corresponding commitments in November.

Although Nokia did poorly in tests, Telekom wants to give the company another chance and justifies it with the lack of alternatives: If Huawei is dropped as a 5G supplier because of the allegations of espionage, Telekom no longer has a large selection.

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