It’s good to lose weight through exercise

When the blood pressure reaches 140 / 90 mmHg, your body has entered a critical state of high blood pressure. No matter how fat or thin you are, how old or small you are, this disease is likely to plague you. Unlike other diseases, high blood pressure usually does not have obvious pain or symptoms, but once it comes on, it will be “fatal”. In order to ensure that we are not affected by high blood pressure, we must ensure low salt, low fat diet habits, 30 years old began to develop the habit of regular blood pressure monitoring.

BMI data is the body health index obtained by dividing weight by the square of height. The data of general healthy people is between 18-24. Therefore, babies who are going to lose weight must first calculate their BMI data and then start to make weight-loss plans. Because once the data is lower than 18.5, even if you are not satisfied with your body shape, it has shown that you are too thin. You need to adjust your body shape, rather than simply lose weight. If BMI data is too small, women will increase the risk of infertility and aging.

Whether or not in weight loss, aerobic exercise 3-4 times a week is very necessary. This habit is conducive to maintaining the health of the human heart and blood circulation, as well as maintaining the coordination and flexibility of the human body, reducing the incidence of depression and other psychological diseases.

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