Should people who lose weight drink more or less water?

First, let’s know how much water the human body needs. For the general population and the healthy human body, it is found that the adult male friends need 3000 ml of water every day and the adult female friends need 2700 ml of water every day. All the drinking water in a day is included.

This is no special case of drinking water, such as summer, exercise during weight loss, dry temperature, etc. should be increased appropriately. However, people with abnormal renal function and heart function may be burdened by drinking a lot of water.

But according to the study, 1700 ml for adult men and 1500 ml for women, which is the amount of drinking water without special circumstances. For example, people who go on exercise to lose weight, dry temperature and other kidney functions, and people with abnormal heart function will also have more drinking water, so as long as the amount of drinking water is not less than this number, it is OK, and usually depends on the individual’s constitution.

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