Is it effective to lose weight by only taking one meal per day?

People who only eat two meals a day are common, but people who only eat one meal a day also exist. Some of them are for better health preservation, and more are for weight loss.

Because it is generally believed that the emergence of obesity is due to eating a lot of food, so if you want to lose weight, you must reduce the intake of food.

Most people in order to lose weight more simple and direct, they will reduce the number of meals, often do not eat breakfast or dinner, or do not eat breakfast and dinner way to lose weight.

This method can indeed lose weight, but in the long run, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal abnormalities, malnutrition and other symptoms.

There are also some self deceptive ways to eat a meal less and then replace it with biscuits, but I don’t know that the calories of this kind of food are higher than that of the normal meal, which leads to the situation of more fat and less weight.

There are many ways to lose weight

There are many ways to lose weight. Some people choose exercise, some choose diet therapy, and some choose medicine. Which of the three ways is the most effective? Diet therapy and exercise need to test people’s will, keep your mouth in check, open your legs, and customized plans are useful. But such a way to lose weight often gives up halfway. Although drug weight loss does not need very strong willpower, but without exercise and reasonable diet, the effect is generally not obvious. It’s better to see these people who are not using drugs to lose weight but keep exercising.

Many people who study dance practice this posture. There is a reason why we practice this posture. Professional dancers are well-balanced and temperament people. That’s because they often dance. In the process of dancing, they will stretch and contract muscles, and the dance itself plays a good role in plasticity. So this yoga pose has a similar effect, stretching the thigh and calf muscles, tightening the abdominal muscles, and practicing shoulder joint mobility.

Fat body shape will change the original shape of the body, especially the waist and abdomen which are easy to accumulate fat. Camel can promote blood circulation and nourish the over tired spine. At the same time, it can also correct the bad posture of hunchback and shoulder drooping. Many people pay attention to the maintenance of body shape, but ignore the correction of body shape, which will also affect the overall effect.

Europe limits withdrawal from worry and hope on coronavirus

European stock markets ended lower Thursday but above their lows of the day while Wall Street limited its decline, investors relativizing the impact of the sharp rise in the number of deaths and infections due to the coronavirus Covid-19 in China.

This announcement has taken the opposite view from the markets carried in recent days by optimism about the evolution of the epidemic and has favored a fall in the usual safe haven values.

In Paris, the CAC 40 shows in closing a decline of 0.19% (11.59 points) to 6,093.14 points after having sold up to 1.25% in the morning. In London, the FTSE 100 lost 1.09% and in Frankfurt, the Dax limited its decline to 0.03%.

The EuroStoxx 50 index lost 0.2%, the FTSEurofirst 300 0.22% and the Stoxx 600 posted only a symbolic drop of 0.02%.

The latter had gained 1.6% over the previous three sessions and registered a historic high on Wednesday, thanks in part to hopes for a stabilization of the coronavirus epidemic in China, the first step towards the end of the health crisis that threatens global growth.

It’s good to lose weight through exercise

When the blood pressure reaches 140 / 90 mmHg, your body has entered a critical state of high blood pressure. No matter how fat or thin you are, how old or small you are, this disease is likely to plague you. Unlike other diseases, high blood pressure usually does not have obvious pain or symptoms, but once it comes on, it will be “fatal”. In order to ensure that we are not affected by high blood pressure, we must ensure low salt, low fat diet habits, 30 years old began to develop the habit of regular blood pressure monitoring.

BMI data is the body health index obtained by dividing weight by the square of height. The data of general healthy people is between 18-24. Therefore, babies who are going to lose weight must first calculate their BMI data and then start to make weight-loss plans. Because once the data is lower than 18.5, even if you are not satisfied with your body shape, it has shown that you are too thin. You need to adjust your body shape, rather than simply lose weight. If BMI data is too small, women will increase the risk of infertility and aging.

Whether or not in weight loss, aerobic exercise 3-4 times a week is very necessary. This habit is conducive to maintaining the health of the human heart and blood circulation, as well as maintaining the coordination and flexibility of the human body, reducing the incidence of depression and other psychological diseases.

Telekom calls Nokia the worst 5G provider

Deutsche Telekom is demanding better services and products from Nokia. Internal documents available to the Reuters news agency say that only if the company improves will it be considered as a supplier for the European 5G networks.

Accordingly, Telekom has classified Nokia as the worst provider of 5G infrastructure. However, because otherwise you will run out of alternatives, Nokia does not exclude them, but calls for improvements.

With one exception, Telekom has already dropped Nokia as a partner for 5G expansion in Europe, according to Reuters, according to internal documents. Accordingly, Telekom already asked Nokia to make more efforts in July. Nokia would have made corresponding commitments in November.

Although Nokia did poorly in tests, Telekom wants to give the company another chance and justifies it with the lack of alternatives: If Huawei is dropped as a 5G supplier because of the allegations of espionage, Telekom no longer has a large selection.

Swiss Post takes back price increases for parcels

After clear criticism from the Federal Network Agency about the price increase for private customer packages at the turn of the year, Deutsche Post is reversing the change: The price adjustments would be withdrawn on May 1, the company said. This was done “in order to avoid a lengthy legal dispute with the Federal Network Agency and to quickly clarify the customers about the parcel and parcel charges”.

Deutsche Post DHL had increased the parcel and package prices for private customers by an average of three percent at the turn of the year. The company cited “significant cost increases in personnel and transport and extensive investments in quality and service improvements” as the reason for this. The company already informed the Federal Network Agency about the planned price increases in autumn 2019.

However, the regulator is of the opinion that the new package prices are inflated and therefore initiated proceedings against DHL at the end of January. The Bonn authorities suspect that the price adjustments would lead to significantly higher earnings than the company had estimated. The Post said it did not share this assessment, but would “withdraw the adjustments given an otherwise lengthy litigation with an uncertain outcome.”

Let you lose weight healthily

The essence of weight loss is to reduce fat. Many people have many mistakes in their way of weight loss. In the final analysis, people’s lack of common sense and the hype of some businesses selling weight loss products have led to the neglect of the right way of reducing fat. They always want to find a shortcut, but the only shortcut is the desperate situation.

Weight loss and fat loss are two different things. There is a big difference. Many weight loss advertisements guarantee how long to lose weight and how many pounds. Anyone can go to a class of spinning bike or fight an endurance battle in the boxing hall. It’s not a problem to lose five pounds and eight pounds, but most of them are water. The proportion of water content in the human body is very large. If the fat is reduced by ten pounds, we will see The effect of sleep is very significant, but most people can’t see the weight loss. It can only be said that they don’t lose fat.

Don’t ask how long it will take to lose ten or twenty pounds, and how much you can lose in a month. This value is determined by yourself. Everyone’s conditions are different. Different weight base, different pay, different diet and life style will all affect your weight loss. A person trains a lot every day, and the diet and life style are healthy, and you have a healthy diet and life style every day You can stay up all night if you want to eat. You can only wiggle a few times a day. What confidence do you have to ask yourself how much you can reduce.

Ikea closes half of its furniture stores in China

The Swedish furniture group Ikea temporarily closes around half of its department stores in China due to the novel corona virus. The Ikea parent company Ingka announced on Wednesday at the request of the German press agency that the company had made this decision after extensive consideration of the situation. The health and safety of customers and employees is always a top priority for Ikea. The employees concerned were asked to stay at home until further notice.

The Ingka Group operates 30 Ikea furniture stores in China, which employ almost 14,000 people. The Ikea in Wuhan, a city of over a million people, was closed just under a week ago, according to Swedish media reports. Since then, Ikea has banned business trips to and from China.

The new corona virus broke out in Wuhan a few weeks ago. In China, the number of patients with lung disease is skyrocketing, and there are already thousands of cases. Infections have also been confirmed in several other countries, including the EU countries Germany and France. There have been isolated cases of suspicion in Scandinavia so far, but none of them have been confirmed.

Report apparently confirms hacker attack by Saudi Crown Prince

Experts believe that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ phone may have been hacked after getting a file from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s WhatsApp account. This emerges from an analysis by IT forensic experts who examined the cell phone from Bezos. Vice published the report on Wednesday.

Bezos is the owner of the Washington Post newspaper, for which columnist Jamal Khashoggi worked and critically reported on Saudi Arabia. Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018. Crown Prince Mohammed was suspected of ordering the killing because some of the agents involved in the murder worked directly for him.

However, the data showed that Bezos had received a video from the Crown Prince’s WhatsApp account and that “abnormal and extremely changed behavior on the phone” occurred in the hours thereafter. Enormous amounts of data had been transferred from the phone in the coming months.

How can you exercise effectively to burn fat?

This type of sports has high intensity, and the body will lack oxygen in a short period of time. After the rest, the body will still consume fat. You can properly practice Bobbie jump, lying push, rope fighting, squatting, etc. First warm up for five minutes, then do it for about 20 minutes, and finally walk for 20 minutes quickly, so the time arrangement will be more reasonable and the effect will be good.

Weight loss is based on the actual situation of individuals. Some people don’t exercise for a long time and want to achieve a good weight loss effect in a short time, so this practice must be based on the premise of losing health. For people with high weight, it’s better to lose weight in three months to half a year. If the weight is not particularly high, you can probably see the effect of losing weight in three months.

Exercise to lose weight is a necessary way to lose weight. We should pay attention to the time of exercise, but we can’t always struggle with this time. In fact, as long as we meet a certain amount of exercise every day and control our diet, we will lose weight. But for people who want to achieve a good figure, the effect will be doubled with half the effort if exercise time is reasonably arranged.