Is it effective to lose weight by only taking one meal per day?

People who only eat two meals a day are common, but people who only eat one meal a day also exist. Some of them are for better health preservation, and more are for weight loss.

Because it is generally believed that the emergence of obesity is due to eating a lot of food, so if you want to lose weight, you must reduce the intake of food.

Most people in order to lose weight more simple and direct, they will reduce the number of meals, often do not eat breakfast or dinner, or do not eat breakfast and dinner way to lose weight.

This method can indeed lose weight, but in the long run, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal abnormalities, malnutrition and other symptoms.

There are also some self deceptive ways to eat a meal less and then replace it with biscuits, but I don’t know that the calories of this kind of food are higher than that of the normal meal, which leads to the situation of more fat and less weight.

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