Can dieting to lose weight help to keep a good figure?

Can dieting keep fit? Before discussing it, we can get a general idea of the results by looking around our friends who are not exercising but dieting and losing weight. It must be frustrating. Most people have failed. At least, dieting alone is a difficult thing to achieve long-term success. But it’s just observation and experience in everyday life. Is that true?

Define the meaning of “diet” first, because some authoritative works on nutrition or kinematics also use the term, but mostly refer to the use of scientific methods to “control diet”, rather than many people without rules, blindly reduce diet, or eat only one or some kind of food. In the following discussion, the Royal Emperor will use the term “diet control” to refer to the use of scientific diet to reduce weight method to arrange daily diet, and use “diet” to refer to the latter, that is, unscientific disorderly diet.

Our bodies have self-regulation and protection mechanisms. When dieting is used to lose weight, the body does not burn the fat reserves directly as you wish, but opens a low-energy mode of operation and improves the efficiency of fat storage. Although your intention is to lose weight, your body’s judgement is that you are suffering from famine. Once you return to a normal diet, the improved fat conversion and storage efficiency will result in a visible, rapid weight rebound that will make you fatter. And the longer you go on a diet, the stronger your craving for food, and many people will eat more when you return to a normal diet, which exacerbates this trend, which is also one of the manifestations of physical self-protection.

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