What wonderful ways have you heard about losing weight?

Some people think that the reason why the body grows fat is because of the stomach, on the one hand, because the stomach is too big, it will make food into the stomach, will be absorbed by the stomach, which leads to excessive nutrition of the body; on the other hand, because the stomach is too large, food will stay in the stomach for too long, so it also gives the stomach more time to absorb camp. Raise. In fact, this exhaustive fishing method can not reduce weight smoothly, but because the stomach to cut most of the later, will bring a lot of trouble to digestion.

Many people try to use drugs to lose weight, and come to the conclusion that the way drugs bring people to lose weight is actually to let people through diarrhea, and eventually make people collapse, which leads to a “sick thin” body. In fact, there is no scientific basis for drug weight loss, no drug can prevent or slow down the body’s metabolism, or fat synthesis. Therefore, some people usually take extreme diarrhea after using drugs, which will not only lead to intestinal dysfunction, but also lead to the loss of nutrients and water, which will bring serious disturbance to the normal function of the body.

In order to lose weight, some people choose to eat less or not at all. In fact, this is not a little help for weight loss, weight loss is not to say not to eat, or eat less, but to choose the right food, daily nutritional intake is enough, so as to be able to on the basis of health, let the body lose excess fat. If not, the stomach will be stimulated by enzymes or other stimuli, resulting in mucosal damage, and more seriously, bile duct stones, or gastrointestinal dysfunction. Therefore, when you lose weight, diet should be moderate and learn to eat scientifically, so that you can lose weight with half the effort. Otherwise, you will only go to extremes and bring harm to your body.

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