Daily monitoring of diet is more conducive to weight loss

Recently, according to foreign media reports, a new study found that it does not take a lot of time to record one’s dietary intake every day, and people who record their dietary intake will lose weight better, the time is about 15 points.

For people who are losing weight, few people can accurately record their daily calorie intake. The study analyzed data from 142 overweight or obese people who participated in an online weight loss program. The project includes 24-hour online group meetings every week to discuss weight loss strategies, set goals and self-monitoring, and encourage exercise and reduce diet. Participants also logged on to a website to record their daily food intake.

The site also tracks how long it took them to complete the task and how often they logged in. During the first month of the study, participants spent an average of tens of minutes a day tracking their food intake. By the end of the study, participants had shortened their time to about ten minutes a day on average.

In the end, successful weight loss participants did record more frequently on monitoring sites, and after monitoring their calorie intake every day, they adjusted their weight loss strategies in a timely manner. On the second day, we will pay more attention to our own diet structure.

Having obtained the findings of this study, the researchers are considering developing a program to facilitate recording dietary intake, hoping to encourage more people to try dietary self-monitoring.

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