Eight Benefits of Weight Loss

When people start losing weight, the first thing they notice is a big improvement in physical fitness. When you lose weight, you need less energy to get through every day. Losing weight can also improve the efficiency of oxygen absorption, so after losing weight, when you climb the stairs or catch the bus, you will no longer be out of breath. Take running as an example: every time a athlete loses a kilogram, the time it takes to run a kilometer will be reduced by 2 seconds.

In a Swedish study in 2013, older women who lost weight for six months had significantly improved memory. Brain scans showed that their brains were more active in coding, so they needed only a small amount of brain resources to recall the information they had stored before. Previous studies have also found that obesity is associated with memory loss, especially in pear-shaped women with more buttocks.

Losing weight will make you more sexy, and your slim figure and self-confidence will strengthen your relationship with your partner. At the same time, changes in your body may force your partner to think about his or her health choices and drive him or her to exercise and lose weight to catch up with you. What is more enviable than a couple of men and women walking down the street?

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