How to Lose Weight in Spring

Some people lose weight by reducing their diet or eating only one kind of food, which can really reduce calories and food intake, but can cause nutritional imbalance. Protein is indispensable to our body. Protein can make up immune cells. If we go on an excessive diet, it will inevitably reduce the intake of protein. When minerals and vitamins are insufficient, it will cause damage to our body. We can’t blindly seek speed in the process of losing weight. Comprehensive intake of high-quality protein, nuts, vegetables and fruits for the body.

Sleep is essential for weight loss. The body mainly includes hunger hormones and leptin. As long as the balance between these two hormones is maintained, it can help to lose weight. In the process of high quality sleep can help the secretion of thin body, control appetite. If you stay up late for a long time, you will secrete a lot of starvation hormone and increase your appetite. Sleep can activate immune cells in the body and improve resistance. If the sleep time is too long, it will weaken the body’s resilience. During the weight loss period, because of lack of physical strength, it can not succeed in losing weight.

If the pressure is too high, it will affect the sympathetic nerves in the body. When the stress is too high, it will inevitably be released by overeating, which reduces the immune system. When you feel pressure, you might as well take a deep breath to relax your whole body. Every night when sleeping, you can do more stretching exercises or stretching, which can promote the secretion of weight-loss factors.

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