A good way for men to lose weight

If I warn all men who want to lose weight: don’t go on a diet, I’m sure many people will think it’s ridiculous. But in fact, diet is only a short-term change in diet behavior, and it is also because it is short-term, so many dieters do not achieve the goal.

In other words, if you start a diet, it means you will end it in the near future. Doing so will only make you fatter than before.

Therefore, many medical experts recommend that the way to lose weight is to pay attention to diet. That is to say, the amount of food you eat is the same, but pay attention to what you are eating. For example, a gram of fat contains 9 kilocalories, while a gram of protein has only 4 kilocalories. If you eat a bunch of fat-scented roast mutton kebabs and two white boiled eggs, your stomach will grow the same volume, but the former will make you fat.

Experts believe that less than 30% of calories should be consumed from fat every day. You don’t have to bother counting these numbers, just remember to cut down on fatty foods. Besides, don’t eat too fast. Men always eat as if they would be robbed if they didn’t.

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