How to eat during fat loss is the best

Weight loss is the most important thing people care about now, especially for girls, weight loss is something they do all their lives. It is said that to lose weight is to enjoy more delicious food. It is true that only when you lose weight, you will be in the mood to enjoy delicious food. Fat people have to worry about obesity, and worry about weight every time you eat. In fact, it’s not difficult to lose weight. In addition to exercise, diet should be strictly controlled.

How can we eat during the fat reduction period to help improve the efficiency of fat reduction? Here are some methods and guidelines to be followed during fat reduction, so that you can eat safely and lose freely!

Let a lot of people will choose diet to lose weight, because it is easy and simple, lying can be thin, everyone likes it. But dieting will bring great harm to the body, and lead to the reduction of metabolism. The body will become fat prone. Once you can’t control the intake of food, you will get fat quickly. Once you have an easy to gain weight, even a glass of boiled water may increase your weight.

It’s necessary to eat carbohydrates during fat loss. Some people think that carbohydrates are only eaten during muscle strengthening. In fact, carbohydrates should be properly consumed during muscle strengthening or fat reducing. It can not only make the stomach feel full, but also provide B vitamins and other nutrients.

which CAC 40 shares to buy after the 2019 boom?

Lots of suspense and a happy ending: this is a Hollywood scenario that played out on the markets in 2019.

After many twists and turns, the two most anxiety-provoking political issues of the year – the trade war and Brexit – each made positive progress shortly before Christmas. This resulted in a final impulse on the world stock exchanges which has several times propelled the CAC 40 beyond 6,000 points, a level unseen since the summer of 2007.

The flagship index certainly did not exceed the 2007 peak (6,168.15 points on June 1), which had experienced the first symptoms of the great financial crisis. The CAC 40 also remains close to 1,000 points below its absolute highest (6,944.8 points on September 4, 2000), posting however, taking into account the reinvestment of dividends, a gain of 63% since then.

Landtag approves sales contract for Tesla factory premises

Tesla’s board of directors still has to approve the purchase agreement for the 300 hectare site. The purchase price was initially estimated at just under 41 million euros. But there will be further reports and tests, said Lange.

The US electric car manufacturer recently announced good company figures. In the fourth quarter of 2019, Tesla delivered more vehicles than expected. In the three months to the end of December, 112,000 cars were brought to customers worldwide, Tesla said. The majority, with 92,550 units, was Tesla’s cheapest vehicle, the Model 3.

The company delivered around 367,500 vehicles throughout the past year. This increased Tesla by 50 percent compared to the previous year.

Tesla only pays 40 million euros for factory land

Auto plant at a low price: Only 40.91 million euros are in the sales contract with the state of Brandenburg, which the finance committee is expected to approve behind closed doors on Thursday.

That’s 13.52 euros per square meter. In the adjacent business park Freienbrink, the standard land value is 40 euros – three times as much!

But the commercial area has roads, water, light and electricity – the Tesla area is only forest. For this reason, the state forestry company is assuming that the “raw land for commercial use in the surrounding area of Berlin” is cheap.

The Americans negotiated tough: Tesla can withdraw from the purchase contract until the end of 2021, “if there are serious reasons that stand in the way of realizing the investment project.”

US reaffirms that it will not leave Iraq

The United States maintained on Tuesday (January 7th) that its policy in Iraq had not changed and that American troops would not leave the country, where they want to continue to prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State group.

US President Donald Trump has said that withdrawing US troops from Iraq would be the “worst thing” that could happen to that country, stressing the danger his powerful Iranian neighbor poses to him. “At some point, we will leave. But that moment has not come,” he added from the Oval Office while receiving Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“Our policy has not changed. We are not leaving Iraq,” said just before the United States Defense Minister during a press conference. The head of the Iraqi government Adel Abdel Mahdi did not ask Washington to withdraw his troops, added Mark Esper.

Americans are said to have helped Carlos Ghosn escape

It is one of the more spectacular crime stories of the past year – and it is now apparently getting a new twist, former car manager Carlos Ghosn is said to have fled from Japan to Lebanon hidden in a box, according to Japanese media reports. Two Americans would have helped him, it said on Tuesday, citing investigators.

Among other things, this has resulted in the analysis of recordings of several security cameras. The former chief executive of the French-Japanese car alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi had been charged in Japan, but was released on bail when he fled last month.

Ghosn left his Tokyo home alone on December 29 and went about 800 meters to a hotel where he met two Americans, the NHK TV station reported. The two helpers, arriving from Dubai that morning, landed on a private jet at Kansai International Airport in Osaka. They checked in at a hotel nearby and had a large box with them.

They later traveled on the Shinkansen high-speed train from Osaka to Tokyo. Afterwards, Ghosn drove them from Tokyo back to Osaka to the hotel with the Shinkansen, according to Japanese media reports.

Two hours later, the Americans had left the hotel with two large boxes. Ghosn was not to be seen. The boxes were declared as suitcases for musical instruments and were not examined at the airport. They were also not opened at customs. The private jet took off towards Turkey at around 11:10 p.m. local time.

Threats against US bases, EU calls for “de-escalation”

Two mortar shells fell almost simultaneously in the evening on the ultra-secure Green Zone of Baghdad, where the American Embassy and an Iraqi air base sheltering American soldiers are sitting.

At the same time, less than a hundred kilometers further north, two Katyusha rockets landed on Balad air base, a huge Iraqi base that receives American soldiers and planes, security sources said on the spot. . According to the Iraqi military command, there were no casualties in the two attacks.

Brigades of Hezbollah, the most radical pro-Iran faction of Iraqi Hashd al-Chaabi, called on Saturday evening the Iraqi security forces to move “at least 1000 meters” from their bases sheltering American soldiers to be counted Sunday evening.

How to run correctly and healthily

The significance of life lies in exercise. In the current rising weight-loss and fitness exercise, running is one of the most healthy and popular sports.

Because running is not limited by time, place and crowd, running is the most popular sport. Running can not only strengthen the body, but also reduce weight and fat. Running for a long time is good for people’s health. However, there are many precautions in running. Only by doing these can running be more effective.

Before running, do a good warm-up exercise, so that the body functions to adapt to the fast moving state that is about to enter. When warming up, leg pressing, stretching, bending and other actions are essential. This can not only prevent muscle strain, but also prevent muscle soreness after running.

Running if the action is not standard, it will affect the effect of running exercise. What kind of running is the standard? There are three aspects: first, the height of running should be high. The second is to keep the body stable, with the upper part of the body slightly forward and the hands half clenched into a half fist shape. Third, the body is relaxing when running. Only by achieving running movement standard and posture coordination, can running be more healthy.

What should you eat to lose weight?

There is a lot of cellulose in corn, and the fat content of corn is also very low. In daily life, we can eat more corn, which also has a good stimulating effect on our gastrointestinal peristalsis. After eating for a period of time, we can find that our constipation has been improved. In addition, corn can also promote our body cholesterol content will be reduced. Female friends who want to lose weight can choose to eat more corn and less pasta.

Apple is a kind of common fruit, and its nutritional value is also very high. Apple is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. Eating more apples can promote the peristalsis of our intestines and stomach, and also play a role in cleaning the intestines. Scientific research has proved that malic acid in apples has certain effect on the burning of body fat in women. It is recommended to eat some apples in the evening, which can speed up the digestion of body food and effectively avoid excessive fat accumulation.

Kelp is rich in kelp element, which can reduce body fat very well. Kelp is also a kind of food with low fat content. Kelp also has a lot of minerals and microelements, which can improve the influence of animal liver on the body, because it is easy to leave more fat and time after we eat animal liver It’s easy to be obese when you grow up, and kelp can remove these fats very well.

Recognized slimming exercise for weight loss

Weight loss is often heard in our daily life, especially for female friends, many people even regard weight loss as their own career, and have been striving for it.

The real slimming success must follow the scientific way to lose weight. First of all, you must “keep your mouth in check and open your legs”. Many people will control their diet, but sometimes it’s very difficult to get off their legs, because sometimes they really feel very tired. At this time, they want to rest and say that they don’t know how to exercise for a long time, which will not only affect the effect of weight loss and slimming, but also make their physical quality worse.

The exercise of losing weight can’t be eaten. Only if we find a suitable way to keep on, can we achieve the ideal effect of losing weight. But do you know what exercise is the best?

Some people want to lose weight quickly, so they choose aerobics. Aerobics, including aerobics, boxing and so on. The heat consumed by the oxygen cabin is very considerable. Although it is a little worse than other sports, the oxygen cabin can effectively improve your leg strength, and a person’s temperament can also effectively increase your leg strength.

Aerobic exercise can consume about 442 calories per hour, so it’s a good way to lose weight in aerobic supermarket every day. In fact, it’s good to have time for square dancing.