How to run correctly and healthily

The significance of life lies in exercise. In the current rising weight-loss and fitness exercise, running is one of the most healthy and popular sports.

Because running is not limited by time, place and crowd, running is the most popular sport. Running can not only strengthen the body, but also reduce weight and fat. Running for a long time is good for people’s health. However, there are many precautions in running. Only by doing these can running be more effective.

Before running, do a good warm-up exercise, so that the body functions to adapt to the fast moving state that is about to enter. When warming up, leg pressing, stretching, bending and other actions are essential. This can not only prevent muscle strain, but also prevent muscle soreness after running.

Running if the action is not standard, it will affect the effect of running exercise. What kind of running is the standard? There are three aspects: first, the height of running should be high. The second is to keep the body stable, with the upper part of the body slightly forward and the hands half clenched into a half fist shape. Third, the body is relaxing when running. Only by achieving running movement standard and posture coordination, can running be more healthy.

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