Can regular running help you lose weight?

Many people know that they can help themselves lose weight through exercise, and most people usually take the way of running when they lose weight through exercise. Because running is a more convenient way of exercise, it is feasible everywhere. After eating or at work, they can let themselves run, so many people will help themselves lose weight by running. Can regular running really help you lose weight? In fact, running is a reliable way to lose weight, and long-term running can bring benefits to the body.

Running is a kind of aerobic exercise. It does not consume the energy of the body quickly while exercising. But with the increase of running time and the consumption of physical energy, when the energy of the body is insufficient, it can not provide energy to the body. At this time, the glycogen stored in muscle and liver will be decomposed into fat, which can also play the effect of weight loss. In addition, when running, because of the swing of the arm and the long-term leg exercise, the muscle energy of the arm and leg will also be consumed a lot, and the weight will also be reduced over time.

Regular running can promote the blood circulation of the body, thereby helping to improve metabolism, thereby increasing the body’s resistance, and can help some weak people to strengthen their physique. For some patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, regular running can make blood vessels unobstructed, thus preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

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