Drinking water is important to losing weight

Many people think that weight loss is diet plus exercise sweating, but the thought of the pain of exercise sweating and the difficulty of resisting the temptation of food when dieting often delays weight loss plans. In fact, there are also tips for losing weight, such as drinking water, which should be emphasized today.

Drinking water can really make weight loss twice the result with half the effort, but the premise is that we are already on the way to lose weight. We do not say that we can lose weight just by drinking water without moving.

Drink plenty of water to promote fat decomposition: You know what we call fat burning is actually fat decomposition, burning triglycerides in fat. The first prerequisite for this decomposition is the participation of water, which requires three water molecules for the hydrolysis of each fat molecule. In addition, drinking water also indirectly promotes the synthesis of lipase. Colipase can only be activated at the interface between water and oil.

Therefore, drinking water is an unavailable reactant in the process of fat burning, and how much water you want to drink for a long time. At the same time, drinking water can also improve the body circulation, reduce blood viscosity, is also good.

In addition, when we lose weight, our body loses a lot of water because of sweating. We also need timely supplement, so that our physical fitness can recover quickly.

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